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Dura-Pro Multi-Club Golf Mat & High Velocity Golf Cage Combo


 High Velocity Golf Cage  10'(w) x 10'(h) x 10'(d)    + Multi-Club Golf Mat   
$50 in FREE Training Accessories! Build it Your Way!

6 Multi-Club Golf Mat Sizes to Choose From to use with your High Velocity Golf Net!
3x5 Multi-Club Golf Mat
4x5 Multi-Club Golf Mat
4x6 Multi-Club Golf Mat
5x5 Multi-Club Golf Mat

   STEP 1:    Golf Cage Information

10x10x10 Commercial Golf Cage Spacious 10' High x 10' Wide x 10' Deep Golf Cage. Includes Double Back Stop and Target!

Top-of-the-Line Commercial Grade Netting that is perfect for both commercial settings and home use alike.

UV Treated ⅞ Mesh For Long Life So Take Your Best Shot! Built To Last!

The High Velocity Impact Baffle Panel is included to be used as a safety back stop. It is constructed of heavy duty Archery netting. The High Velocity Baffle Panel is hung separately, adding a second layer of protection.

High Velocity

Golf Cage Netting
High Velocity

Golf Cage Safety Baffle
Impact Target

Golf Cage Target

10x10x10 Golf Cage Corner Pieces FREE 1" frame corners are included for you to construct your own frame.

You will need to purchase twelve 10' lengths of EMT steel (conduit) to complete your frame. The EMT steel can be found at most home improvement stores and is very inexpensive.

Lowe's EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 72715

Home Depot EMT Steel Conduit SKU # 580015

Assembly is very easy!

Commercial Golf Cage Set-Up Instructional Video

   STEP 2:    Muti-Club Golf Mat Information

Dura-Pro the #1 Mat in Golf™
Perfect Protection for Gym Floors
Dura-Pro Multi-Club Golf Mat
This golf mat is perfect for use
on school gym floors.
Multi-Club Champion WoodTee™
Driver - Iron - Fairway Wood Golf Mat
For Heavy Iron and Driver Use

Product Info
The Best golf hitting mat and golf practice mat for home use.
Also used by college teams & high schools for indoor / outdoor Golf practice.
  • State-of-the-Art Spring Tech 3D Fibers™
  • 100% NYLON will not stain clubs
  • Perfect for irons & wedges
  • Easy on the wrists & elbows
  • Hit down & through
  • Fairway divot feel instant feedback fat thin or a perfect swing
  • Comes with rubber tees & a wood Tee plug adjust your tee height
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Industrial Bonded - Not Glued
  • Approx. Thickness: 1-1.25"
  • 8 Year UV Protection

   STEP 3:    Choose the Size Mat That Is Right For You

Which size golf mat should you buy?
The size golf mat you purchase will be determined by how tall you are.
Determine the correct size for you:
Measure before you buy
  • Go get your driver, and a tape measure
  • Measure according to the arrows on the picture to the right
  • After seeing your measurements, allow yourself plenty of room for your golf balls, and movement around the mat before, during and after your swing.
  • Make sure to allow room behind you so that you don't step off the mat after you swing.
Give yourself some room for movement and
don't cramp yourself up in too small of a space.
The Key is to Measure
Before You Buy!

A General Rule Would Be:

Your Height: 5´ tall to 5´ 3":
    Mat Size: 3x5

If you are 5´ 4" and taller:
    4x5, 5x5 Golf Mat

    STEP 4:    Add to Cart and Start Improving Your Game!

Dura-Pro Multi-Club Golf Mat + High Velocity Golf Cage Practice Station
Prices include High Velocity Golf Cage and the Golf Mat You Choose PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
High Velocity Golf Cage (Cage Only) $269.00 Add To Cart CHECK OUT
Cage + 3x5 Muti-Club WoodTee Mat $448.00 Add To Cart CHECK OUT
Cage + 4x5 Muti-Club WoodTee Mat $494.00 Add To Cart CHECK OUT
Cage + 5x5 Muti-Club WoodTee Mat $530.00 Add To Cart CHECK OUT

  See Why 5 Star Golf Mats Make All Other Golf Mats Obsolete!

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