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AlmostGolf Golf Balls - White Balls

Endorsed by Dave Pelz

"Best Product to Impact the Future of Golf."

Hear what Dave Pelz has to say
about the Almost Golf Ball!
The AlmostGolf Practice Golf Ball
The AlmostGolf Ball is the ultimate practice ball to use when working on your game.

It fades, draws and spins just like a real golf ball but is completely safe for off-course and backyard play.

Now you can play in the park, on campus, on the beach or in the yard! And no grass or golf course is required because everything is a target with AlmostGolf. Now you can practice or play anytime and anywhere!

Construction - Cross-linked foaming gives the ball excellent memory, bounce and durability.

Weight - Light weight equals limited distance and safety in all locations.

Dimples - 1/8 millimeter depth duplicates true golf ball trajectory and flight characteristics.

Use with any golf training device in the comfort (and safety) of your own backyard.
The Point3 golf ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball so it's perfect for backyard practice. All club distances correlate to actual distance with a regulation ball. No longer do you have to soften your golf swing because the ball can't handle force, velocity or resistance

Hit it straight, play a fade or shape a draw. The Point3's true-flight characteristics allow you to accurately assess your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through. No more second-guessing whether you're hitting the ball well because the Point3 responds just like the real thing.
The Point3 golf ball is the first solid core, limited distance, internal pressure practice ball that gives on-course performance in an off-course safe golf ball. It out performs hollow plastic golf balls and foam golf balls because it has true flight and real golf ball striking accuracy.
10 Ball Box

Keep on cracking! Never run out of practice balls with our best value item. Now you can concentrate on your swing with fewer interruptions. Great gift item for every level golfer.
Bulk Box - 3 Dozen Balls

Now you can practice or play anytime, anywhere.
Once you hit it, you will be hooked!
Your Low Price: $9.95
Your Low Price: $29.95

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