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Digital Green Reader
Includes Instructional DVD, Instruction Book and Carrying Case

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BreakMaster digital green reader
The BreakMaster Digital Green Reader is a precision electronic device that accurately locates the downhill direction (or fall line) of the green, measures the precise angle of slope (from 0.0 - 9.9 degrees) and provides a full readout of both on its LCD display.

To read a break, simply place the BreakMaster near the hole on line with your putt and it will instantly show you the downhill direction and exactly how many degrees of downhill slope exist. The greater the angle of slope, the more the putt will break downhill. The shallower the angle of slope, the less the putt will break.

The BreakMaster works equally well in reading the severity of an uphill or downhill lie. Simply place the BreakMaster ahead of your ball on line with the hole and its readout will give you a good indication of how much to adjust your stroke for uphill or downhill putts.

BreakMaster The BreakMaster trains your eye!

  • Line up the putt by eye as you normally do

  • Place the BreakMaster near the hole on the line with your putt

  • The arrow display shows the slope direction (break)

  • The numeric display shows the amount of break in degree

  • The BreakMaster tells you if you've sighted the break correctly

  • Adjust your aim line and make the putt
Since its introduction in 2003, the BreakMaster has become an indispensable tool for Tour Pros on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour as well as professional caddies and golf instructors.

What all these great golfers are discovering is that using the BreakMaster in preparation for upcoming tournaments allows them to train their eye for breaking putts and also to get to know the exact breaks on the greens they will be playing in the actual competition.

While the use of devices like the BreakMaster (as well as laser range finders) are prohibited during actual competition, there is nothing illegal (according to the USGA Rules of Golf) about using a device like the BreakMaster during a practice round or during a walk-through of the course. It's also perfectly legal to make notes in a yardage book on how the greens will break and then to consult that yardage book during competition.

The pros know that there's no substitute for actual knowledge of how a golf course is going to play. And there's no better way to understand breaking greens and take the guesswork out of green-reading than by using the BreakMaster.

The BreakMaster is slim and compact so it fits easily into a pocket without spoiling your swing, and it's weatherproof to withstand damp greens.


Display: 0.0o - 9.9o (in 0.1o increments)

Accuracy: +/- 0.2o

Directional Indicator: Indicates downhill in 16 directions

Dimensions: 3 3/16" (w) x 3 3/16" (d) x 1" (h)

Weight: 3.9 oz.

Comes with black leather case

Golf Professionals Currently Using The BreakMaster

PGA Tour Players
Vijay Singh
Kenny Perry (caddie Fred Sanders)
Jerry Kelly (caddie Paul Tesori)
Ben Crane
Jonathan Byrd (caddie Chuck Hoersch)
John Riegger (caddie Daryl Smith)
Craig Barlow
Bernhard Langer (caddie Russ Holden)
Pat Bates (caddie Danny McQuilken)
Scott Hoch (caddie Tom Janis)
Notah Begay III (caddie Clint Begay)
Michael Allen (caddie Michael Maroney)
Sandy Lyle
Rich Barcelo (caddie Damian Lopez)
Michael Clark
Mike Standly
Ty Tryon (caddie Bill Tryon)

LPGA Tour Players

Lorie Kane (caddie Danny Sharp)
Mi-Hyun Kim (coach Danny Yoon)
Dorothy Delasin (caddie Clint Begay)
Jeong Jang (coach Danny Yoon)
Suzy Whaley
Karen Stupples
Emilee Klein (caddie CJ Sturdevant)
Christina Kim
Reilley Rankin (caddie Dan Huber)
Smriti Mehra

Champions Tour Players

Graham Marsh
Katshunari Takahashi (caddie Andy Wada)
Mark Johnson

Amateur Golf

Michelle Wie (coach BJ Wie)
Toni Wiesner (coach Bob Wiesner)
Brian Knopfler

Canadian PGA Tour Players

Kent Fukushima

PGA of America, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Tournament Committee: Tony Wallin, John Brendall

Florida State Golf Association, Tampa FL

Tournament Committee: Ken Hagamann, Charles Bedford

Walker Cup Team 2003 (All 10 Team Members)

U.S. team captain, Bob Lewis, Pepper Pike, Ohio

Jim McLean Golf Schools, Miami, FL

Instructors: Chris Toulson, Jason Carbone, David Pezzino, James Damiano

Jim McLean, PGA West, La Quinta, CA

Instructors: Carl Welty, Louis Sauer

David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Champions Gate, Bradenton, FL

Gary Gilchrist, Gary Parrett

University of Tennessee, Golf Program, Knoxville, TN

Instructor: Jim Kelson Men's Golf, Judi Pavon, Women's Golf

Kansas State University, Golf Program, Manhattan, KS

Instructor: Kristi Knight, Women's Golf

BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

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