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TempoTrainer Golf Training Aid

Tempo is Everything!

The golf swing is one of the most complex sports motions to master and there are countless factors that contribute to a long, straight shot.

Clubhead speed directly translates to ball trajectory and distance but, getting the most out of your body mechanics is the difficult part.

While most people think that if they swing harder at the ball, the ball will fly farther. This is not entirely true.

In reality, it is a relationship of the amount of energy that is efficiently transferred from the core to the upper body through the arms and into the hands and ultimately through the golf club that dictates how far the ball will fly.

That is where the TempoTRAINER comes in...

The TempoTRAINER features a stainless steel stepped shaft by FST and a custom designed grip from PURE Grips.

At the base of the TempoTRAINER is a powdercoated weighted steel sleeve over the tip so that it rests against one of the the upsets on shaft. It features a specially designed compression spring with stainless steel fasteners that hold everything in-place.

The total weight of the TempoTRAINER is about 40% greater than a long iron and this is good reason. The added weight alone will help to develop critical core muscles used in the golf swing. As you swing TempoTrainer on your normal swing plane, you will notice the weight compressing the spring (this is what you want).

Using this weight design, we can help focus on keeping the clubhead speed maximized through the ball by keeping the spring compressed through the impact zone.

FST Shaft with
Powdercoated Weighted Sleeve

Nickel-plated Compression Spring
and Stainless Steel Fasteners


TempoTrainer Golf Training Aid

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