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Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit

Includes 7 Eyeline Putting Aids PLUS the 4 Element Practice Sessions Book
This Package Saves You Money and Strokes!

This Tool Kit has been assembled to give you the feedback to make your practice perfect! $260.00 Value

Tool Kit Includes:
  • Ball of Steel 3-Pack - Impact, Path, Speed
  • Eyeline Edge Mirror - Setup, Path, Course
  • Eyeline Edge Rail - Setup, Path, Speed
  • Sweet Spot 360 3-Pack - Imapct
  • Impact Ball Liner 3-Pack - Setup, Imapct, Course
  • Golf Metronome Tour Edition - Path, Speed, Course
  • Pendulum Putting Rod - Setup, Path, Impact, Speed
  • 4 Putting Elements Practice Sessions Book -
    Drills for each element with links to videos
  • Carry Bag - Keep your tools ready!

1. Ball of Steel 3-Pack

The Ball of Steel is one of the hottest Eyeline products for a reason.

After 20 strokes, the light bulb comes on and you start making strokes that are accelerating, crisp and solid.

At 5 times the weight of a normal golf ball, you quickly see and FEEL where your stroke is loose.

Your body will auto-correct and your putts will drop!

2. Edge Putting Mirror

The Edge Putting Mirror is the most used mirror on Pro Tours around the globe.

It gives you full view of your setup and stroke: your eyes, putter face, and shoulders.

There are slots for putter gate, ball gate, and release gate practice drills.

The non-skid base makes it perfect for your practice on the green or in the office. Get an Edge with your putting!

3. Edge Rail

Using the Edge Putting Rail is the ideal way to build muscle memory for a perfect putter path.

Make strokes with the heel of the putter riding the rail.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your stroke.

Hit putts with the putter moving down the path of the rail.

Build your confidence by making putts... a lot of putts.

4. Sweet Spot 360

The putter has a sweet spot - between the toe and heel, top and bottom of the face.

The Sweet Spot 360 is a reusable foam piece that sticks to the face of your putter.

It has an opening in the center for your ball to make sweet contact.

Hit the spot and the putt rolls perfect.

Miss the spot and there is no sound or roll.

Listen for solid contact.

How many can you hit in the sweet spot?

5. Impact Ball Liner

Line up your ball to the target.

Focus your attention on the black line, and put your putter on this "flat" surface.

Make a confident stroke delivering the putter face squarely to the back line... and listen for the ball to drop.

6. Golf Metronome Tour Edition

You have an ideal tempo to your putting, your swing, and even your setup to the ball.

Keeping it exactly the same is the challenge.

The Golf Metronome Tour Edition will put you in your perfect tempo every day - regardless of stress, energy, or caffeine.

Use the new Tap feature to find and set YOUR tempo.

Adjust the volume or plug in your earphones.

Maybe the flashing light will best jive with your senses.

Perfect tempo lets you play your best... right now.

7. Pendulum Putting Rod

The Pendulum Putting Rod has more than 100 fans on the pro Tours.

They use it to help them stay in posture throughout the stroke and keep their hands from flipping at impact.

The result of using the Rod?

Putts that are hit solid and roll end-over-end... then down 4 inches.

4 Elements Practice Sessions Book

A 72-Page Putting Workout Guide. Building on the principles of Deep Practice, the Practice Sessions book has practice routines for each of the 4 Elements and the GO session, too.

Each routine has a description, how-to, setup, focus, and challenge.

It has a place for notes on the what has been learned, and a scorecard and graph to track progress.

Each routine has a QR code to see the drill in action, too.

The 4 Putting Elements Practice Session book is the backbone of the clinic and personal putting improvement.

Putting Elements Carry Bag

Keep your tools handy!

OR Use as a Shag Bag!

This awesome bag is made to carry 40-50 balls.

It's made of 600 Denier Nylon, it's light and durable, and it's great for travel and practice.

Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit

PLUS FREE Putting Training Package

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