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FairwayPro Ultimate Divot Simulator
Practice the Way You Play!
free golf ball tray with every fairway pro

Fairway Pro
Is Awarded
D W Quail Golf's
New Product

"This is the hottest product
I've seen in 12 years!"
~ D W Quail

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FairwayPro Puts You In Control of the Way You Practice
Golf is a game that is played on grass.

Thatís why FairwayPro is engineered to enable golfers to hit down-and-through, as on natural turf, while practicing at the driving range or at home.

Itís a brand-new way to practice golf, and you just might find it as enjoyable as playing a round of golf!
The patented design of Fairway Pro includes a top turf tray that reacts when its impacted by the club.

The turf tray slides forward and gives way, that is, reacts the same way natural turf does, allowing you to hit down-and-through.

Fairway Pro allows you to practice and groove your authentic swing.

You experience the feeling of hitting off the fairway and properly taking a divot!

After the hit, the patented tray mechanism immediately returns the turf tray to its original at-rest position, ready for your next shot!

Take it to the driving range,
use at home, or wherever you practice golf
Panel folds under range mat for added stability 


  • Take it wherever you practice

  • FairwayPro is manufactured with the finest materials, including high strength aircraft aluminum, which makes it lightweight and very durable

  • Patented sliding turf tray mechanism is designed for performance and built for rugged service

  • Premium turf experiences less wear and tear as it slides forward and avoids full brunt of the impact force.

  • Also, turf can hold a regular tee and is replaceable

  • Shock the ball when you swing, not your body

Durability Test Set Up For Extreme Punishment - 500,000+ Cyles To Date!
RIGHT CLICK the video and choose "REWIND" to start the video over!

What People Who Tested FairwayPro at the PGA Show Said
"Your FairwayPro, Ultimate Divot Simulator, was fantastic. I was able to do impact drills for the first time ever! I was sold. I was very impressed with the quality. It felt like taking divots off a bent fairway. I would endorse your FairwayPro mat to any country club, golf course, driving range or consumer. I believe once you hit off FairwayPro Divot Simulator you will not want to hit off any other mat."

    ~ Ted Sheftic, New Oxford, PA
    GOLF® magazine TOP 100 Teacher
"My teaching hat goes off to you for inventing the FairwayPro, 'Ultimate Divot Simulator'. As a PGA Professional, I've been teaching students from hard standard mats for over 25 years. I enjoyed the experience of hitting balls from your simulator, it was soft and very realitisic, as if I was hitting off real grass outside. It was a pleasure to swing a club indoors, hit down and through knowning the 'Ultimate Divot Simulator' was going to absorb the blow."

    ~ Gary Brooks, Twin Lakes, WI
    Twin Lakes Country Club
    Head Golf Professional

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Choose the FairwayPro Package That's Right For You!

If you already own a golf mat
this package is for you!
OR bring FairwayPro to the Driving Range
You will need a stance mat or driving mat
to practice with FairwayPro

In the continental US Only

FairwayPro + 2x4 Commercial Stance Mat
Limited Time Only


In the continental US Only


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