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1' x 2' High Tech Practice Mat

World's Best Mat For Irons

For use with all clubs!
No Shock - No Bounce

At last a mat that can take the abuse of irons!

as a portable,
golf mat
Gorilla Golf Mats Gorilla
Golf Mats

We have customers that have bought these mats over 15 years ago
and have reported back they still look and perform like new!

Now that is AMAZING!

On Sale for a limited time at these low prices! See Details Below!

Dura-ProTM Shock Elimination Technology!TM NO CLUB SHOCK!
Exclusively from D W Quail Golf
Patented High Tech MatTM

Super Shock-Absorbtion!

Swing as hard as you want...

as often as you want...

... without bone-jaring shocks to wrists and elbows!

Ergonomically designed practice mat
that soaks up shock like a sponge!

Includes 1 rubber tee and 1 Friction Tee (for your wood tee)!

Premium PRO TURFTM :
Made with durable, knitted nylon turf. The turf is thermally welded to the underlying mat.

This welding process makes it nearly impossible for the turf to delaminate from the mat.

Most other mats are glued instead of welded and are more prone to delamination. The High Tech Mat is made from a premium-grade of nylon that will not mar clubs because of its high melting-temperature.

Revolutionary 3-D textile creates soft realistic feel.

Many consumer mats are made with inexpensive Polypropylene turf. Polypropylene is much less durable than nylon and will mar the club-face.

Finally, since the High Tech Mat's turf is knitted Pro Turf™, instead of woven, the turf fibres are firmly connected to the mat. Woven products tend to wear out quicker because fibres pull-out during use.

Patented, Shock Absorbing Layer:
The most exciting feature of the High Tech Mat is the middle, shock absorbing layer.

This layer is composed of a light-weight, responsive material called a three-dimensional textile.

The 3-D textile consists of thousands of vertical polyester "springs" that respond immediately to the impact of the golf club.

The patented 3-D textile has an extremely open structure that allows air to escape during impact. The quick-response gives the High Tech Mat its soft, realistic feel.

Important Consumer Information

Please come back in 15 years when you need another mat!
We will keep the website on!

Available in a 1' x 2' portable size... take it to the range!

1' x 2' Portable High-Tech Golf Mat and Tees.
Gorilla Golf Mats
    Only $56.95

Dura-ProTM High Tech Mat
is the Perfect Mat for IRONS, DRIVERS, & WOODS

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