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Markit Impact Spray

"Game Improvement in a Can"

Increase Your Distance - Increase Your Accuracy

Markit is a revolutionary spray which, when applied to a clubface, will indicate the impact position of the ball, and reveal the clubface position at the moment of impact.

Markit allows you to see slight flaws in the clubface position at impact and helps you to make swing corrections.

Proper contact is essential for higher accuracy, longer distance and lower scores.

Markit's unique characteristics allows you to see an extremely precise "dimple density pattern" even when used at a clubhead speed of 150 mph. Precise dimple patterns on the clubface will reveal one of the nine basic flight paths of the ball helping you to groove your swing, or when learning to shape your shots. Markit can also provide your with important feedback when used in putting.

  • Safe - Non Staining - Wipes Off Easily
  • Markit is a completely "Green" formula which is environmentally safe, non-flammable, non-toxic and easy to use.
  • Markit wipes off easily with a dry cloth.
  • There are approximately 225 applications per can.
  • Markit will not alter the flight characteristics of the ball by covering the clubface grooves.
  • Markit leaves no sticky residue on the clubface or in the grooves.

Here are the Nine Basic Ball Flight Rules


Notice the absence of MARKIT at the 4 o'clock position. This indicates an open clubface that will produce a somewhat straight shot with a fade at the end.
Impact is slightly toe side of center with a square face, creating a "Baby Draw", and above the equator removing backspin for additional roll and distance.
This shot is square and dead center maximizing the "Trampoline Effect" of the clubface, and below the equator imparting backspin for distance control.

An absence of MARKIT at the 4 o'clock indicates an upward swing with a slightly open face producing a nice high fade that will land softly.
Perfect Iron shot shows a concentric pattern of larger dimples surrounding a group of smaller ones indicating a square clubface and a nice angle of attack.
Less material at the 7 o'clock indicates a slight upward swing with a slightly closed face producing a nice high draw.
When used for putting MARKIT will consistently deliver a clear crisp image of the ball impact. In the 2 foot, 4 foot, and 10 foot putts below, MARKIT delivers the results you need to evaluate your stroke and equipment. MARKIT will give you the same precise indication of your club face position at impact so you may cure those pulled or pushed putts. Notice the increased size of the impact mark as the length of the putt increases.

2 foot putt
4 foot putt
10 foot putt

This shot demonstrates low compression resulting in a loss of distance. Try a softer ball.
Here we have good compression suggesting a good ball match for the given swing speed.
This shot shows full compression resulting in a loss of distance and control. A higher compression ball is needed to match the swing speed.

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