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Perfect Practice Device

The special alignment features of the PutterSight will enable you to perfect your body position, grip, and stance. By consistently returning to this perfect alignment every single time you putt, your body develops the ability to produce "muscle memory."

Soon your body will recall what perfect alignment feels like, giving you the confidence as though you had the PutterSight attached on every putt.

Mounts on your favorite putter!

Why You Need The PutterSight

As golfers, we all go through adjustments trying to improve our consistency. If the toe or heal of the putter is high or low, or too far to the left or the right, the results are "miss hits."

Even though the naked eye sees the proper angle, slight variances in grip or stance initiate adjustments to the clubface causing it to strike the ball at an incorrect angle, resulting in a poor shot. The PutterSight allows you to identify the proper grip, providing a reference for guiding the golfer back into the same position for subsequent shots. The PutterSight will always be there, so you can get back to square while addressing the ball in practice.

With accurate repetition, the PutterSight will enable you to develop, consistent putting performance!

Align the cross hairs in the PutterSight to your optimum stance and grip and they will be consistently locked every stroke. Follow the cross hairs throughout your putt repeatedly and your game will improve dramatically.

You can practice anywhere: at your home, office, or in your backyard.
Easily Attached, Lightweight & Durable Mounting:
  1. Using the allen wrench provided, remove the 4 head screws that hold the front and rear parts of the mount together.
  2. Place your PutterSight with the sight aiming upwards, approximately three inches below the grip, with the cross hairs centered on the putter shaft.
  3. Tighten the head screws until they are snug enough to prevent your PutterSight from turning.
  1. Assume your putting stance.
  2. Sight may be adjusted by loosening and tightening the "tilt adjustment screws" to accommodate different heights and stances.
  3. To accommodate individual putter shafts you may fine tune the PutterSight left and right by using the 2 rotational screws.
  1. Assume your putting stance with putter next to ball.
  2. Carefully adjust stance while aligning the 2 sets of cross hairs in the sight.
  3. When the 2 sets of cross hairs are aligned, you should be in position to putt.
  4. While maintaining the alignment of the cross hairs throughout your swing, simulate putting, approximately 2 to 3 times before hitting the ball - then putt.
Repeat this procedure to develop muscle memory & consistency.

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