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Putting System

  • Retractable Putting Line

  • Extends up to 16 Feet!

  • Positions the eye correctly above the ball every time

  • Gives you a straight on-line putting stroke

  • Can be used with any putting carpet

  • Use indoors or outdoors on the putting green

  • Instant feedback on set-up and stroke

Mastering Important Putting Skills:
XtendAlign trains you to keep your eyes above the ball and consistently stroke the ball on the intended putting line

XtendAlign features an innovative design that provides you with instant feedback on eye position. The string and aligned reflection provide you with a putting line and stroke path. Square your putter and guide the "sweet spot" below the aligned putting line for a consistent, straight "on-line" putting stroke.

Mastering the correct set-up and stroke path with XtendAlign gives you consistency and confidence in putting, which results in a successful putting game!

Special Features:
The retractable putting line extends up to 16 feet. Alignment is provided from 0.5 feet up to 4 feet away from the mirror, so you can practice different lengths of putts with one set-up. XtendAlign can be used on all in- or outdoor putting surfaces.

The XtendAlign will give you...
Correct Putting Setup
The combination of mirror and string positions your eyes perfectly above the ball.

Straight On-Line Putting Stroke
Keep putter square and sweetspot aligned below the putting line from take-away through impact and into the follow-through.

Natural Putting Skills
A perfectly aligned set-up and a solid on-line putting stroke creates excellent putting skills.

Solid Putting Fundamentals
Mastering the above set of skills provides consistency and confidence in putting
...Results in Lower Scores!

XtendAlign Putting System

PLUS FREE Putting Training Package

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