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Cindy Reid
The Perfect DVD For Ladies Who Want To Improve Their Game!

As the Director of Instruction at the Tournament Players Club Sawgrass, former pro golfer Cindy Reid has instructed men and women, pros and amateurs for over 9 years and discovered that what a woman needs to improve her golf game differs from what a man needs. For Ladies Only focuses on what women want to know, and golf tips that can significantly improve their game.

Cindy Reid - Golf For Ladies Only DVD features instruction that focuses on areas where women can make their biggest improvements: Distance Off the Tee, Fairway Woods, and Around The Greens
DVD Includes:

Distance Off the Tee
Learn the proper grip, stance, posture and routine that will give you more distance off the tee. Everything is covered in detail. Cindy provides her "High Touch - Low Tech" method that will guarantee better golf results.

In the Fairway
Gain confidence with your fairway woods and learn the proper technique on various fairway lies. Instruction on various clubs, distances, and strategies will turn a weakness into a strength.

Around the Green
From 40 yards in, the various skills of chipping, pitching, bunker play, the lob shot, hazards and difficult lies are all demonstrated and explained. These golf tips for the green will get you closer to the pin and shave strokes off your golf score.

Student Instruction
Watch as Cindy instructs students during golf lessons. Real students, real lessons, real results.

Running Time: 45 min

About the Instructor: Never playing the game of golf until the age of 24, Cindy Reid quickly experienced success as a professional player. Now she has combined her passion for teaching with her knowledge and skill of golf into a video that is a must for all women golfers. Cindy Reid, a seven-year veteran of professional golf, has twice been nominated for the honor of Top 100 teachers by Golf Magazine.

Let Cindy Reid Teach You How To Be a Better Golfer!


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