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David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner

david leadbetter from beginner to winner
A Lesson With Leadbetter
David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner DVD

For the first time ever David Leadbetter has designed a DVD aimed at improving the novice's game.

The Swing Solution - Revolutionary computer graphics have been combined, for the first time, with footage taken from all the key angles to give the clearest possible understanding of the shape of the golf swing and how to correct common faults.

Demonstrating how to master the mini swing using a 9 iron, you will move on to develop the perfect full swing with a 7 iron, thus allowing you to progress to the longer irons, fairway woods and driver. This section also covers the essential components of the swing set-up grip, posture and alignment.
Create a Great Short Game - By teaching you the fine art of pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting, David will teach you how to cut many shots off your score when you get close to the green.

Course Strategy - Good course tactics are imperative to playing good golf. Key areas covered include developing a routine, picking strategic targets, club selection, 'swing thoughts' and just generally thinking about the game.

Focus on the Ladies, Juniors and Seniors - This section provides some great thoughts for ladies, juniors and seniors. David has observed, over the years, that this section of golfers require a slightly different approach. (i.e., developing more power for ladies, making it fun for juniors, and overcoming inflexibility for senior golfers.)

This DVD is really about the simple basics of the golf game - the ABCs.

Easy-to-Follow golf instruction that will guarantee immediate improvement

You are not alone... the majority of players around the world are novices, weekend players and golfers whose game needs a refresher.

Available in NTSC format only (USA video format)

David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner

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